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Being Franc with us.

I am very thrilled you have decided to come on board. Quite franc-ly I couldn't really do it without you. I am excited for the great things to come from our creative adventures together.

So what's next? 


We will need a menu of the creative services you provide and what your going rates are. For example: If you are a make-up artist or stylist you may have a half-day and full-day rate. Just a rough guide for our own reference. It doesn't have to be fancy as it won't be customer-facing. We understand most jobs require further discussion to accurately estimate, so we will always discuss the brief with you before officially quoting the client.

We are eagerly working on the official launch of Be Franc, including a media release and marketing campaign which we would love you to be involved in. More details on this to come.  

Stay fabulous, 


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